Customer Comments

I was asked if I would give a recommendation for Jerry Casteel. I was very honored to be asked. He did such a wonderful job for me. He took very much of his time, so dedicated to this one sale, when he had many more waiting. He advertised it so well, that people were coming from any states. He would tell them what day he could show the place to them, and made trips with each group. It was very well organized, and he had plenty of help at the auctions. At the day of the sale, I believe he started out with $200, but had to back up to $160. He then spoke to them for awhile, and began again, and got many people excited. At the end of the auction, they had bid $300 and acre. I felt so blessed about it. The land auction was on a Friday and on Saturday, the next day, was the big ranch sale. Things sold quickly, and brought a very good price. I would recommend him above anyone else.

Sincerely, Ada Mae O’Grady

Dear Jerry & Crew,

We want to thank you so very much for the great job you did with Francis and Aunt Cecila Barryethings and for the very hard work you did in selling her things. We were so very happy that we asked you to do the auction for us as we knew we had the very best. Thank you again.

Francis and Ann Longan

Hi Jerry,

Thanks ever so much for handling Aunt Cecilia’s estate. You did a very good job and we appreciate your efforts very much.Thanks alot.

As Ever, Wanda Olson


The Sturgis Jaycees would like to thank you for your generous support of this year’s Toys for Tots to nearly 300 children right here in the Sturgis area. The Jaycees Toys for Tots program could not succeed without your help.

Thanks Again, Jerrid Goebel & Tim Potts